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This weekend my wife insisted that we go on a picnic.  The weather was beautiful and we hadn’t been on a picnic for a year.  At first I was hesitant as I had a bunch of yard work to do and I was wanting to relax on my day off at home and catch up on some NBA playoffs.  Being the good husband that I am I gave in and decided to take her up on the 8.5 mile round trip hike to Point Reyes on the Marin Coast.  I have to admit I do pack a pretty good picnic!  Some of the things we brought were: three different local cheeses, almonds, dried figs, crackers, salami, olives,water, and of course a bottle of our 2011 Grenache Rose! 

Four miles later, as we reached the coast, we laid our blanket down and unpacked our picnic.  At this point in my blog I know you are thinking: why is Erik going on about his personal life and how does this pertain to a “wine” blog!  So here is the tie in….

We continued to enjoy our picnic and of course polish off the entire bottle of rose and it was then I realized that my wife definitely had made the right choice for the afternoon.  Something that we always think about at harvest, when we are loading press load after press load of ice cold fruit and working long hours, is the day when we will enjoy the “fruits” of our labor.  The picnic would have been fine without the bottle of rose but with the wine it really made for an outstanding afternoon into evening.  So good in fact that I decided to share my experience with all of you in hopes to encourage you to take the time at some point this summer to pack up a picnic basket (don’t forget to include a cold bottle of Kokomo Rose or Sauvignon Blanc) and take in some nature as you lay there and relax!  It does not have to be a 8.5 mile hike or even on a renowned trail.  You can bring one up to a local winery, wherever you live or just go to a local park or lake. Where you drink wine and the atmosphere you enjoy it in is a big part of the experience!

Have a great summer!

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