Is Harvest Over?

October 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

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We have finally brought in the last of our grapes for the 2013 vintage and people around seem excited that “harvest is over” as the last of our grapes have come in. For winemakers and growers alike, we certainly realize that there is a lot more work yet to do. We are still sitting on a cellar full of grapes that need to be fermented, pressed, barreled down, and topped.

After this, our attention turns to secondary fermentation and making sure that our wines are staying at the proper temperature in order to go through malolactic fermentation. Then, the attention turns to tasting through everything we just made for any possible sick wines or wines that need further attention. In an epic vintage like 2013, I feel pretty confident that we will not have any sick wines, but possibly some stirring of the lees to extenuate flavors.

Once all the fruit has been pressed our attention turns to making sure there is not a single grape skin left in our cellar. We spend much time deeply cleaning, sanitizing, and putting our equipment to bed until next year.

Growers have a much different focus this time of year. My partner in the winery, Randy Peters, is already farming for next year. He picked our last grapes on Saturday, October 19th and he has already planted our winter crop, tilled in Gypsum and fertilized. After giving us bountiful and beautiful fruit, it is time to give back to the vines. After two back-to-back vintages, the vineyards were in need of some nutrients and we do this through composting and adding an organic winter crop.

Let’s hope for a wet winter!

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