Are We Too Critical of Ourselves?

March 31, 2015 § Leave a comment

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As a winemaker I find it very difficult to be completely satisfied with one of my wines.  I love them all like they are one of my children, but I immediately go to what could be better and become very critical of anything that I make.  I was talking to another winemaker about this dilemma and the analogy that he used is getting a sandwich from a deli.  Why does it always taste better when the deli makes the sandwich versus when you make your own sandwich at home?

I am learning to deal with this uber sensitivity towards my own wines in several ways.  The first way is to taste our wines blind in a lineup amongst other wines from our area.  The other, though a little superficial, is accepting our accolades with open arms and believing in them.  I have a personal determination to make the best possible wines that I can, and I have entered into a craft which takes a lifetime of learning.  It can be said that it takes a decade for the vine to understand the land and another decade for the winemaker to understand a particular vineyard.  It is a good thing that I have patience, and my guarantee to all of our supporters is that I put 100% of my effort to each and every wine that bears the Kokomo label.

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