Do Labels Make the Wine?

June 16, 2015 § Leave a comment


We have recently switched our labels over to what is known as silk screen labels.  The look of our new labels is as if it was painted, or etched on the bottle.  It is a very clean look.  I have received a lot of feedback and compliments on them, and I know how important looks can be.

Besides coming up with a name for your winery, what the label is going to look like is always one of the most painstaking decisions.  Until it is actually on that bottle of wine, and in your hands, you really don’t know what it is going to look like.  As a consumer, how much weight do you give to a label?  Even though you think you are judging quite a bit from a label, if the wine happens to be on a restaurant wine list, you typically don’t even get to look at the label.  Envisioning myself walking through a grocery store and looking at a wall of labels to see how our label would stand out is really of no use.  I do not want my wine sold in grocery stores, as I prefer to have them on restaurant wine lists.

I do, however, want all of our beloved customers to feel proud when they have our bottle on their kitchen table and are showing it off to their friends.  I think that the time and level of detail that we spend on the label is in direct correlation with the level of detail and care that we give to our wines.  My main objective with our labels is to make sure that they are timeless, clean, and classy, because when it is all said and done that label should define a fifty-year old vineyard, two week fermentation, two years of aging in French Oak barrels, and all of the hard work it has taken to put this product in its beautiful package.

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