Harvest 2015

September 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

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Harvest started fast and furious on August 21st and never really let up until the end of September.  An early bud break starting in February made for an early bloom which pushed everything forward for the earliest vintage on record.  The month of February was actually warmer than the month of May in Northern California.

I knew it would be an interesting year as my wife and I were expecting our second son right in the middle of harvest, Oden Miller was born Sept 17th.   Luckily it turned out we had gotten in the majority of our fruit by that time, with only Cabernet Sauvignon remaining.  The final months of the 2015 vintage were very up and down in temperature swings.  The week of September 7th we saw 100+ degree temperatures for 5 consecutive days only to have it rain on the following week, which was actually a blessing.  Sugars had spiked with the intense heat and although we had some good hang time there was, of course, dehydration and raisining going on in the vineyard.  The rain helped to rehydrate the berries and sugars went back 1-2 full brix.

Overall I would call the 2015 vintage a success.  Sugars were high but acids were generally high as well and the colors have been intense.  The tannins seem big so far, although it is still early, and the crop size was definitely down about 30% from the previous vintages.  Every vintage has its challenges and victories and 2015 will certainly be a vintage I will never forget!

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